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No Idea - wip by imaginee No Idea - wip by imaginee
I had drawn this one as a wip and posted it and the below info on another art board that I belong to.

Image1 - I've used a 2b mechanical pencil and a little H, I've blended with the pencil and also where needed with a blending stick. I've built up a few layers of 2b in the shadows and will go over some areas again...drawing metal is a lot of fun, it's an on going challenge to make it look shinny and hard. The grid was helpful in getting a good outline but once it's gone my eyes needed to do the rest and believe me they were put to the test....I've lost my way a few times with some of the groves.

Image 2 - I've been studying the metal as I go along (I have a lightbulb close by), also the reference is a good one in that it's a pic of an older bulb so the surface has small scratches and some wear. From what I've learned it's alll these tiny imperfections that make up the realism so the more the better. When drawing a metal/glass object something to remember is to keep your pencil strokes tight and not sketchy. Also remember for reflective and curved surfaces where there is light there is shadow, it's this balance of tones that gives you that nice 3d look. I worked a bit more on the bottom area, I colored in the mid tones with an H and the darker areas with a 2b, I then took a small blending stick and began blending the mid tone area (you can see where I left off). I also went over a little of the darks and added in a few more imperfections.

Image 3 - I've finished the metal part of the light bulb, all that's left is the shadow under it and a final once over. As you can see I have darken most of the shadowed areas again and put in a lot more imperfections. I used a 3b for the dark area at the bottom and a blending stick to blend the mid tones into the darks.

Image 4 - As you can see I drew in a slight shadow, this grounds the piece and gives it a realistic look. For the shadow I used an H pencil and a little 2b, then used a small blending stick. I began drawing the glass part.

Image 5 - I'm mapping out a few areas in the glass bulb, have to say it's like some bizarre maze but I'm still enjoying. I may get an inch or two done today. So far I put in around 20 hours.

Image 6 - I've been working my way with the glass slowly, it's a lot harder then the metal was. I need to have a light touch in most areas and need to render different thickness of glass. I have to say it's a lot of fun to be drawing something this different! :D I used a 2b mechanical for all the fine lines and H and some 2b for shading, also a small blending stick to give it that smooth look.

Image 7 (last update) - I was able to work a bit longer on the drawing and got a lot more done on the glass. I have been mapping areas out then using a 2b mechanical I darken the outlines where needed. I then color in areas with a H or 2b and go over the areas with my trusty small blending stick. Some of the lighter areas I don't have to color in I just use the blending stick since it has graphite on it already and I want just a hint of tone. I'm enjoying this little study very next update should be the last. see the finished piece look here: [link]

Take care~Linda
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whimsy657 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011  Student General Artist
these are amazing, the detail is really impressive! also, where did you find mechanical art pencils? that sounds amazing.
Artist4sure Featured By Owner May 12, 2011
Love your work! You are such a huge inspiration for me!!! You are by far my favorite artist!
ramezrgz Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2011
You are AMAZzing
christykat722 Featured By Owner May 28, 2010
holy crap you just outdid everyone on the face of the earth! how can you do that in only 35 hours? o.0 this is so amazing. <3 ugh i wanna b just as good as you one day *.*
JohnsonAlexander150 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
:faint: holy crap!!
seriously, all i am thinking is "shit!"
you're are definatley one of the best traditional artists I've seen on this site, its ammazing!
phoosh Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2009
Wow, if it weren't for the description, I'd swear that was real. The amount of detail is incredible.
lilcr42y0n3 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2008
nice write up on it. this seriously helps folks. i know i learned a few things myself, reading on this.
WisdomSeven Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2007   Digital Artist
is this realy a pencil drawing ? @@
Autumns-ending Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2007   Traditional Artist
it's crazy how realistic your work is, I hope someday I will be able to acheive such realism in my work.

sakuramerquise Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2007
Holy. Shit. *faints*
botcherby Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2006
This is so informative, I've been looking around the web about stuff like this... although a little has come up, there hasn't been such a great example until yours!! thanks!! and +watch so I can maybe pick up a few things as I improve on my on art
suedonym Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2006
This would be really great on

Come join! They just started it back up. :aww:
Suzabell Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2006
Awesome! my eyes can still only begin to accept this picture as a drawing and not a photograph too :p
you speak often of a "blending stick". i've never encountered one of these before, and i was wondering if you could tell me where one could be acquired? :)
imaginee Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2006
Hi there and thank you for the sweet words. Blending sticks are better know as Blending stumps, you can buy them in most art supply stores (Michael's), they are tightly compressed paper formed into the shape of a stick with a point at each end. I use them instead of my fingers for blending. They also come in different sizes, the small sticks are great for getting in tiny areas and the larger ones are perfect for blending backgrounds, etc. :)
Suzabell Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2006
Thankyou very, very much :)
Z-Vincent Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
you said "I had drawn this one as a wip and posted it and the below info on another art board that I belong to." which art board is that? I really like the detail I am working on a drawing of my hand [link] it is my first atempt at achiving realism with a pencil would be interested in hearing your feedback.
puppyShaker Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2006
Your art is always so inspiring and beautiful! This looks photo-realistic! (In fact, I can't tell XD;; )

Thank you SO much for posting the WIP! :heart:
sahil2k Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2006
u r god :ekud:
mieleim Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2006   Writer
this is freaking amazing, it's is incomprehensible to me, how you put so much detail into everything so that it looks REAL.
i mean wow,
my mind still has trouble fathoming it's a drawing,

thanks for the wip, it's really interesting to see how you progressed <333
HeliXx Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2006
It's great to see an artist's work develop like this - well done!
blackmagicat Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2006
I love the explanationů
MySweetMidian Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2006
Wow:omg: so realistic :D I love it!!!
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